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B1T Capital, India's first cryptocurrency, digital assets, blockchain tokens fund
Zippr - Investment Indian Angel Network - Utsav Somani
DoorMint Home Services App - Utsav Somani, Angel Investor

NexGear - Angel Investment - Utsav Somani

Capabiliti by Qustn Technologies - Mobile assessments, training and data collection - Angel Investor Utsav Somani
LitBit - Data Centre - Rhythm OS - Angel Investor - Utsav Somani
Proven - Utsav Somani Portfolio

CoinDCX lead investor - Utsav Somani

AdpushUp - Ad revenue optimization - Utsav Somani Portfolio
LogiNext - Angel Investor - Utsav Somani - Seed, Angel Round Indian Angel Network
ShepHertz - Utsav Somani Portfolio

Fabbag.com - Utsav Somani Angel Investments Portfolio

Le Tote Series A - FundersClub - Utsav Somani

Elemential Labs - Blockchain firm India - Utsav Somani

Innov8 - Y Combinator 2016, Coworking spaces for developing nations starting with India. Utsav Somani Angel Investment Seed Round

Tavaga - RoboAdvisor RoboInvestor India - Angel Investor Utsav Somani
Bounty App - Rewards redefined - Utsav Somani Angel InvestorTruce.in - Farm to Fridge for fruits and vegetables - Investor Utsav Somani
Betaout.com - Marketing personalisation for e-commerce - Utsav Somani Angel Investment

Rappi - Seed Angel Stage Investor, Utsav Somani - Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentia